With our experience and ‘can-do’ mentality we make doing business in emerging markets a beaten track. Driving your international ambition from opportunity to a success is what we do. We deliver concrete and hands-on roadmaps and approaches to reach your destination.

Our team of specialists has widespread experience regarding

  • market research and business plan studies
  • acquiring grants and international funding
  • setting up companies and investment funds
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues

Doing business abroad is quite a challenge. To be successful you must have understanding of e.g. legal issues, red tape and business culture. Financial access in the local economy and a local network are crucial in making a success of your international journey.


There are many roads that can lead to success: together we can find the way that suits your company. JARS Company can drive your international ambition through advisory or operational services:


Having all relevant (local) information is essential: legal issues and requirements, labor law and standards, local competition, market entry requirements. You will need a concrete strategy, a solid business plan, CSR/ESG policy or assessment, market research, feasibility study, competitor analysis, partner search, and so on. JARS Company will guide you.


Acquiring any type of funding, ranging from public to private, for your international expansion is very tough. JARS Company knows its way and has frequently liaised between clients and (potential) investors. You can focus on your ambition, while we engage our network and experience in order to acquire funding. With appealing investor decks, grant applications and thorough funding mediation we pave the way to your success.

International Business Development

While your ambitions lie abroad, your focus lies with the current business and the road ahead. We are hands-on and actively involved in your local business, resulting in a fast-track to launching your company or concept. Typical services include interim management, project management and advisory services.

JARS Company is listed as contractor (‘uitvoerder’) by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO, part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs) for their Starters International Business funding program. Contact us for more info on this program and how we can support you.


You are an ambitious entrepreneur, or your company has international ambitions. Emerging Markets have great opportunities to offer to your company, especially when you enter these markets in a sustainable manner. If a local economy benefits, you will benefit as well.

We know that it is possible to realize those ambitions, as long as you have the right map and tools to travel along the road to success. We help you get from A to B.

You want to make your company grow in a financially sound and sustainable manner. Either in The Netherlands, or abroad. Let us take your hand and guide you.


JARS Company helped us map funding possibilities and found a key partner in realizing our dreams and ambitions

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We are seasoned entrepreneurs with boots-on-the-ground experience and a network in Emerging Markets. There may be more roads that lead to success; we help to identify and follow those roads.

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