JARS Company

Ambitions. Each company has them. And to realise your ambitions, you need access to funding. From current cash flows and/or via third parties (banks, government, investors). We have experience in acquiring all relevant types of (public) funding and we frequently liaise between clients and (potential) investors. We enable companies to acquire this funding so they can fulfill their (international) ambitions.

Doing business in Africa is challenging. To be successful, you must have access to relevant information, knowledge and local network. Changing opportunities into a success for your business is our goal. With our experience, drive, persistency and can-do mentality we make doing business in Africa look easy. We deliver concrete and hands-on support to realise your ambitions.

Nairobi: 3.9 million inhabitants
Kenya: 46.8 million inhabitants
Kenya economic growth: 6% (2016)


We focus on your goals and ambitions and we will get them done in a short timeframe! We help you to make informed decisions, pro-actively support you in the local context if necessary and acquire funding when relevant.  We distinguish three types of services: Funding, Research and International Business Development.


If growth or expansion cannot be financed from current cash flows, we are able to acquire grants, loans and/or equity for your activities via our extensive network at government agencies and investors.


Having all relevant (local) information is essential. Our research activities lead to a concrete plan or report: business plan, CSR policy, CSR assessment, market research, feasibility study, competitor analysis, partner search, etc..

Business Development

We are hands-on and actively involved in your local business, resulting in a fast-track to launching your company or concept. Typical services are Interim management, project management and advisory services.

Who we are?

We believe in ambitions. We believe in ambitious entrepreneurs. It is our ambition to make your company grow in a financially sound and sustainable manner. Either in The Netherlands, or abroad.

We also believe in the opportunities Emerging Markets in general and East African markets in particular have to offer, especially when you enter these markets in a sustainable manner. If a local economy benefits, you will benefit as well.

We are Jaspher, Ramon and Silvie. Founders of JARS Company. Seasoned entrepreneurs with boots-on-the-ground experience in Emerging Markets. Driven. Ambitious. Persistent. Innovative. Partners. We are JARS Company. Nice to meet you.

Care for a cup of coffee? Contact us via hello@jars.nl or call +31 20 233 66 77.